AIT –A Caring Institute

Aligarh Institute of Technology as a nurturing Centre not only caters technical and academic needs of its students but also fulfills its social responsibilities towards society. The following scheme and programmes are being introduced for the welfare of the employees.

hajj Ballot Scheme


AIT sponsors every year two of its employees to perform Hajj. The selection of the employees’ made through balloting in presence of employees. For every successful female employee under Hajj Ballot, AIT also sponsor her MAHRAM for the Hajj. 

The Fortunate employees for Hajj this year, 2020 are:

  1. Muhammad Jamil
  2. Saima Naz

(Her husband is also sponsored by AIT)


Group Life Insurance
AIT provides financial protection to all its regular employees and facilitates them with Group Life Insurance Scheme.

Group Health Insurance
Group health insurance for all of its employees and their dependents is also a very important feature of AIT’s facilities provided to the employees.

Safety Measures against COVID 19
Installation of facility for hand washing with liquid soap dispensers at the entrance of main building, “Awan-e-Liaquat”.