Chemical Technology


Chemical technology is a broad eld with diverse application, and the scope of D.A.E. in Chemical technology can vary depending on the specialization and curriculum of the program. Generally, graduate with a D.A.E in Chemical technology can work in areas like process control, quality assurance, production management, research and development and technical sales in industries such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food processing, materials manufacturing and environmental engineering. It is a dynamic eld for growth and specialization and almost all industries in manufacturing require chemical engineer.
The chemical process industries in Pakistan are expanding and actively recruiting associate engineers in large numbers. Objective The range of career opportunities for chemical engineers is immense and career choices exist in areas such as chemicals, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, food, detergents, cement, paints, petrochemicals, rubber and plastics etc.
We offer diploma of associate engineering in Chemical Technology and the length of study is three years. The curriculum includes the courses of chemical engineering, engineering drawing, di¬fferent applications of chemical process and instrumental techniques of analysis.

Courses of Studies (Three Years)