Mechatronics technology


Mechatronics Technology is the intersection of Mechanics, Electronics, and Digital computation. Mechatronics is basis for the MODERNISATION of automation of Manufacturing, Process-plants & all sorts of transportation systems. Mechatronics deals with robotics, control systems, and electro-mechanical systems.

Mechatronics Technologist can do work in multiple disciplines by having knowledge of Mechanical, Electronics & Computerized controls.

Ultimate bene t of Mechatronics to Companies is reduction of Manpower, which is the biggest loss-over-head for any company in the world. Japan & USA are leaders in this eld due to innovation & extreme quality.

“Investment of millions on mechatronics can save billions to companies”

The business world is rapidly moving towards the technological world the demand of mechatronics is rapidly increasing in various industries such as human machine interaction, manufacturing, aerospace, mining, and robotics medical and assistive technology.

DAE Mechatronics engineer oversee the designing as well as developing of electromechanical systems. Mechatronics engineer also build smart software to control the mechatronics system.

Courses of Studies (Three Years)