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Brief Introduction of Aligarh Institute of Technology

The Aligarh Movement piloted by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan awakened the Muslims of the Sub-Continent from their deep slumber and created among their rank and file the mobility which led to the establishment of the famous Aligarh Muslim University. Ever since the creation of Pakistan, Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association of Pakistan has been striving hard to disseminate the Aligarh spirit throughout the country with the objective of inspiring national unity, tolerance, universal brotherhood and achievement of learning at the level of excellence and research.

The Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association (AMUOBA) serves its members not only as a forum to commemorate some occasional moments of the youthful past but also as a cultural institution dedicated to the promotion of the high ideals that the Aligarh Movement stood for. The Aligarh Muslim University was the focal point of the movement for preserving Muslim identity, inspiring Muslim unity, inducting all-rounded educational progress and preparing people for sharing the responsibilities of freedom. The same ethos and vigour characterize the Association which continues endeavour for the projection of the ideals and values of the Aligarh Movement. The establishment of the Aligarh Institute of Technology was a humble accomplishment of this endeavour.

The Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT) established in 1989 is located on plot no. St-16 in Block-5 on University Road, (opposite Aziz Bhatti Park), Gulshan-e- Iqbal, Karachi. It is Polytechnic Institute for boys and girls that provide theoretical and practical courses of instructions in a number of technologies leading to the Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) from the Sindh Board of Technical Education. AIT has been making consistent efforts to assess the future needs of Technical Education in Pakistan. A 3-year post SSC, DAE Computer Information Technology Programme was initiated in the academic year 2001-2002. A 3-year post SSC, DAE Electrical Technology started from the academic year 2004-2005. Another 3-Year post SSC, DAE Bio-MedicaI Technology was launched from the academic year 2005-2006. Also another 3-year post SSC, DAE Software Engineering was launched from the academic year 2019-20 which received tremendous response.

AIT has also introduced degree courses and is imparting higher education. As a first step, BCS Degree Programme in Computer Science affiliated with the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology was commenced in 1998. In 2001, the three years BCS Course was upgraded to 4-Year BS Degree Programme in Computer Science BS (CS) to bring it at par with international academic standards. The courses for higher studies in different subjects are under active consideration. Master’s programme in computer science was introduced from August 2009.


Aspire to establish a centre of excellence recognized for the propagation of contemporary knowledge in the field of science and technology.


To meet the growing challenges in the new millennium by providing required skills in advanced technologies. Impart education of the highest standard through value based holistic teaching and learning by integrating traditional and innovative practices.