Diploma of Associate Engineering in Electrical Technology


Three Years Diploma of Associate Engineer Programme is aimed to provide basic preparation for a career in the broad discipline of Electrical Technology.

It prepares & enhances the opportunities for students for career in such fields as Research and Development, Designing & Manufacturing, Technical Sales & Product Support and Undergraduate Studies in Electrical Engineering.

After completing DAE in Electrical Technology, one can handle operation of multi-megawatt power generating stations and other huge plants.

The scheme of studies covers constructional and operational details of all types of electric motors, generators and convertors available in industrial units. Planning, installation, operation and maintenance of AC & DC machines, batteries and domestic appliances are also the part of the scheme of studies. Strong emphasis is placed in “hands-on” practice during the course. To achieve this, we have established such laboratories as

  1. Electrical Power & Machine Lab.
  2. Electrical Wiring & Soldering Lab.
  3. Electrical Repair & Maintenance Lab equipment.
  4. Basic Electricity & Basic Electronics Lab having State-of-the-art training facilities.

A lot of job opportunities exist both in public and private sector organizations for the Associate Engineers trained in Electrical Technology, in such areas as Production, Installation, Operation, Maintenance, and Sales & Service of electrical equipment, devices & gadgets.

Courses of Studies (Three Years)