Department of Institute Industry Liaison (DIIL) 


Aligarh Institute of Technology has established a Department of Institute Industry Liaison on 26th July 2021.

The following staff members are assigned Ex-officio duties as and when required in addition to their own duties in the Institute.

  1. Mr.Irshad Ahmed Khan, Department of Electrical Technology, work as a focal person.
  2. Mr. Mirza Shafqat Baig, Department of Mechanical Technology work as focal person.
  3. Ms. Waseema Shamim, Department of Mechanical Technology work as Coordinator.

The prime objective of establishment of (DIIL) is to create and enhance the required institute-industry linkages and through constant liaising arranging jobs / internships opportunities for students of following technologies in different organizations / industries:

Architecture Technology
Bio-Medical Technology
Civil Technology
Computer Information Technology
Electrical Technology
Electronics Technology
Mechanical Technology
Mechatronics Technology
Software Technology

Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) students may send their CVs on the following email address:


The Vision of DIIL is to be a connecting bridge between students and organizations and enables students to discover and pursue a path to a successful career, so they can make their own unique marks in Pakistan’s social and economic transformation.


The career development is a life-long learning process, The mission of DIIL is to facilitate students by providing essential tools and techniques to standout as they explore and further understand themselves gain valuable experience develop as professionals Associate Engineers and present their knowledge for betterment of society.


•  The prime objective of DIIL is to create and enhance the required institute-industry linkages in the form of various activities.
•  DIIL is involved in arranging Jobs and Internships opportunities for students in different organizations / industries.




We are in contact with the hiring authority of following industries and organizations some of them are mentioned below:

  • K-Electric
  • Ary Digital System
  • Engro Fertilizer
  • Artistic Denim Mills
  • Ingenious Digital System
  • Sky Electric
  • Mediland Pakistan
  • Pioneer Cables Pvt Ltd
  • King’s Groups
  • National Refining Limited
  • Liaquat National Hospital
  • Electromate
  • Deltamed
  • Out2sol Company
  • Dow University of Health and Sciences
  • Agha Steel Industries LTD
  • Engro Polymer and Chemicals LTD
  • Pakistan Synthetic Limited
  • Agilosoft
  • Energen Energy Generation
  • FFBI Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited
  • Ghulam Faruque Group of Companies
  • EFU General Insurance LTD
  • Matco Foods LTD
  • Sindh Emergency Service (Rescue 1122)
  • Pakistan Stock Exchange
  • Exide Company
  • Cervello Tech
  • Union Steel Industry
  • Shabbir Tiles and Ceramic
  • Gul Ahmed
  • Graviton
  • M.A.Tech Company
  • Pharmaceutical Company
  • Gharsa Laboratory Service
  • Dolmen Real Estate Karachi
  • Dolmen Mall Industry
  • Artistic Milliners
  • Patel Hospital and much more.
affilated with industry


Number of Companies visited to Aligarh for conducting the interviews and has selected many candidates for Internship and Employment. Name of some companies are mentioned below:

  • Out2sol Company
  • Ingenious Digital System
  • BSY Enterprises
  • Tata Pakistan
  • AG Consultraining Pvt Ltd
  • Inverex Solar Energy
  • Syngenta Pakistan Limited
  • Agha Steel Industries LTD
  • Engro Polymer and Chemicals LTD
  • Pakistan Synthetic Limited
  • Agilosoft
  • Energen Energy Generation
  • FFBI Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited
  • Ghulam Faruque Group of Companies


DIIL members visited following companies, organizations and Hospitals for exploring internship / job-opportunities for AIT students:

  • Pakistan Railway
  • Corporate link
  • Cancer Foundation
  • DOW University of Heath and Sciences
  • Sindh Infectious disease hospital and research center.
  • Agha Steel Industries LTD
  • FFBI Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited

DIIL members attended several job fairs conducted in Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Indus University and Hamdard University, which helped in approaching more industries. Those industries contacted us and asked us to share the directories and CVs of the candidates.


AIT is putting every possible effort for students to get their desired jobs. Since the establishment of DIIL many graduates of AIT have been appointed in various industries. 




  • To be a model institute in building industry linkages for the betterment of society. We are connecting with different industries so that the students experience no hurdle or fewer hurdles in the process of job hunting.
  • Our goal is to prepare our students as per the requirements of modern industries.
  • We conduct Industrial visits, Job Fairs, and other learning activities so that the students get exposure of their related technology
  • To invite expert, from industries for conducting workshops and seminars to share the expertise and experience for mutual benefits.