Mr. Jawaid Anwar

Chairman, Governing Body, AIT
President, Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys” Association of Pakistan.

The Aligarh Institute of Technology (A.I.T) is founded on Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s teachings and vision. Especially his saying: “Acquisition of knowledge of science and technology is the only solution for the problems of Muslims”.  AIT has been established to give our youth the tools and drive to succeed. We believe, success comes to those who persevere in the face of adversity, those who distinguish themselves through preparation and make the very best of opportunities that come their way.

AIT offers its students the very best Technical Education. Its staff comprises of highly qualified and skilled teachers, ready to help students in their education and careers. The Institute has emerged as an unquestionable leader in promoting technological skills and development. AIT is also acknowledged for its commitment to inculcating the spirit of hard work and excellence among its students to move up in their professional career.

As you leave these hallowed halls do not feel that your pursuit of knowledge has ended. Rather, true success lies in the ongoing acquisition of knowledge to achieve mastery in your respective fields of Technology. Also, remember to acknowledge Allah in all your endeavors because HIS grace and favor contributes to your success.

Engr. Muhammad Arshad Khan

Convener, MC – AIT &
Hon. General Secretary, Aligarh Muslim University
Old Boys’ Association of Pakistan, Karachi

I congratulate you all for choosing the Aligarh Institute of Technology, a place designed to help you secure competitive advantage over your peers by integrating academic and technical skills and encouraging you to follow your passions…. Your success is our success.

AIT is a respected Institution with experienced faculty and dedicated science and computer laboratories for each discipline taught at the Institute. Our distinguished faculty and experienced Management team is committed to improving your learning experience. We also offer a host of extracurricular activities such as sports and cultural events to instill our core values of hard work, discipline, fair play and the spirit of sportsmanship.

Please review this prospectus carefully. It includes important information related to: academic rules and regulations, uniforms, test schedules, holidays, co-curricular activities and feedback from faculty.

Wishing you a successful stay at The Aligarh Institute of Technology.