Diploma of Associate Engineering in Mechanical Technology


Mechanical Technology is the backbone of all technologies. Mechanical Technology plays vital role in almost every field of life ranging from power generation to health care. The main objective of starting this program is to produce technologists of mechanical technology to address the full range of technical and societal problems with creativity, imagination, confidence and responsibility. So that these technologies serve as ambassadors for technology by exhibiting the highest ethical and professional standards, and by communicating the importance and excitement of this dynamic field.

The course of Diploma of Associate Engineering in Mechanical Technology is in line with the requirement of industries. Students after completing DAE in Mechanical Technology may work independently to research, design and develop machinery, systems and products for various industry applications including heating, ventilating, air conditioning, power generation, transportation, manufacturing, waste management, or biomechanics. They would also evaluate and manage the installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems.

The scheme of studies includes knowledge of computer integrated Manufacturing with configurations of CAD, CAM & ROBOTICS, types of lathes, drilling machines, tool grinders, shaper, planner, foundry practice, pattern making and advance welding, importance of tool design and tool making, principles of designing jigs and Fixtures with their types, manufacturing operations like blanking piercing, Bending, Drawing and Forming, Machines and applications  and Workshop skills.

Mechanical Technology students are fit to meet increasing demand of modern industries and play an important role for the development of our country by getting employment in many industries including private or public sector of various types. They have opportunities in Automobile, Chemical, Communication, Electronics, Defense Aeronautical, Steel Plants, Oil exploration and refining, Agriculture, Power Plants, Space research organization, etc.

Courses of Studies (Three Years)

1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year