Diploma of Associate Engineering in Architecture Technology


Architectural engineering is the application of engineering principles and technology to building design and construction. Architectural engineers work together with architects and civil engineers but are unique in both their skills and role as part of the building design team.

Architectural engineers bring buildings to life. They design, construct and maintain the world’s buildings, continuously striving to make existing and new buildings more sustainable. As engineers and design innovators, they focus on making buildings structurally resilient, energy efficient and healthy and productive environments for occupants.

We offer diploma of Associate Engineering in Architecture Engineering and the length of study is three years. The curriculum includes the courses of Architectural Drawing & Drafting, Building Materials and Fabrication, Free Hand Drawing, Structural Mechanics of R.C.C Design, Building Construction, Building Economics and Management, Auto-CAD, Basic Computer in Architecture and etc.

Job opportunities for Associate Engineers, trained in Architecture are available in government departments, private and public sector, industries research and teaching institutions. There are various online platforms such as Up-work, Freelancer and Fiver where Architects can work as a freelancer.

Courses of Studies (Three Years)