Diploma of Associate Engineering in Electronics Technology


This is the age of Electronics. Radio, TV, Computer, Telecommunication devices, etc. These have now become the life and blood of modern civilization. 

Even, such a sophisticated device known as microprocessor is finding its way in household appliances. This technology has entered into trade, commerce, industry and almost every office and home.

Education and training in Electronics has, therefore, been introduced in a big way in almost every country of the world.

Pakistan could not afford to be left behind in this very important field and has started education and training in Electronics at different levels.

The objective of the Diploma level education in Electronics is to fill the gap between university graduate engineers and the skilled workers trained at the Technical Training Centers. The scheme of studies includes, among other things, subjects like Electrical & Electronics networks, Motors & Generators, Radio Transmitters & Receivers, T.V. Circuits & Systems, Industrial Electronics, Microprocessors & Micro-Computers, Telecommunication Systems covering such aspects as F.M. Links, Fiber Optics, Satellite Communication, Micro- wave, Radar etc.

A lot of job opportunities exist both in public and private sector organizations for the Associate Engineers, trained in Electronics in such areas as Production, Maintenance and Sales & Service of Electronic devices and gadgets.

More and more jobs will be available in this industry as the Govt has recently allowed the companies to manufacture mobile sets for local consumption as well as export. 

Courses of Studies (Three Years)