Diploma of Associate Engineering in Bio-Medical Technology


The advancement in medical science and the extensive use of electronic gadgetry led to the pursuit to enlarge the scope of learning new disciplines in order to keep pace with ever developing field of medical science.

The need of Diploma of Bio-Medical Technology cannot be over emphasized since one cannot visualize any clinic, hospital, medical institute or any pharmaceutical organization functioning successfully without the aid of Bio-medics. The strength of the doctors and specialists lies in the efficient and knowledgeable supporting staff equipped with necessary skills of Bio-Medical equipment maintenance. This is obviously the back bone of their entire set up.

The increasing demand to combat the most fatal scourge of humanity i.e. the disease, have prompted to start this course. This course will also fulfill the aspirations of those unfortunate students who could not study medical science at an appropriate time and are now willing to join, at a later stage, a course in the health sector. In this way they, as Associate Engineer in Bio-Medical Technology, will become essential component of a highly notable profession.

The scheme of studies includes subjects like Electrical and Electronic Networks, Fundamentals of Bio-Medical Equipment & Interfaces, Solid State Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Digital Electronics, Radiation Physics, X-Ray Film Processing Equipment, Human Anatomy & Physiology, ECG, Ultrasound & Therapeutic Bio-Medical Equipment maintenance, Computers Applications in Bio-Medical Engineering, etc.

A lot of job opportunities are available in the vast field of health and medical services. Associate Engineers in Bio-Medical Technology have to perform Installation, Operation, Repair and Maintenance functions of Bio-Medical equipment available in hospitals and other vendors dealing in these equipment.

Courses of Studies (Three Years)