1. There are two Libraries in the Institute which have at present 27,000 Books on Electronics, Computer, Electrical, Bio-Medical, and allied subjects. The Libraries have been computerized and linked with the Library of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology through a fiber optics link.
  2. The timings of the Library will be from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. and 1:45 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Books shall not be issued during lunchtime.
  3. The books shall be issued only on production of Library Card. The Library is only for the Bonafide Students of AIT.
  4. In case the Library Card is lost, duplicate cards shall be obtained after payment of Rs.50/-.
  5. Issue & Return of library books is strictly according to library rules, available in the Library.
  6. If a student fails to return the book in time, fine on belated books will be recovered from the Security Deposit of the student if he/she fails to pay the fine.


The following laboratories are available for students in AIT:

Electronics Laboratories

These laboratories are equipped with sixteen modern U.S. Lab-Volt Training Systems, Microprocessor Trainers, T.V. Trainers, Antenna & Transmission Train-ers and Instruments. The workstations provide “hands-on” learning to students in small groups with the support of a number of independent Electronic test instruments.

Computer Laboratories

The Institute has eight well equipped Computer Laboratories. All of these computers are connected through the network to each other.

Electrical Laboratories

In addition to the four Electronics Labs and eight Computer Labs, Three Electrical Labs equipped with requisite facilities for Electrical Technology have been established.

  1. Electrical Power and Machine Lab
  2. Electrical Wiring and Soldering Lab
  3. Electrical Repair and Rewinding Lab
  4. Basic Electricity and Electronics Lab
Bio-Medical Laboratories

The Bio-Medical Lab, equipped with the latest Bio-Medical Equipment i.e. ECG Machine with Monitor plus printer, Colorimeter, P.H. Meter, centrifuge and Diathermy unit, has been established.

A Radiological Lab, equipped with X-Ray Machine and Ultra Sound equipment, has also been established.

Science Laboratory

Fully Equipped for prescribed Physics and Chemistry experiments.

Comprehensive Workshop

The Institute has a fully furnished workshop equipped with workbenches, lathe machines, gas, and electric welding plants, woodwork & pipe engineering works.e


Equipped with sixty drawing tables, boards, tees, and other drawing accessories and a drafting table. These Labs are being expanded further and upgraded continuously as and when required.


Complete Sports facilities are now available within AIT to cater to the sporting need of students and staff. Sports Department is actively engaged in student’s participation in in-house and outdoor sports activities/tournaments such as Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Badminton & Basket Ball being held in Karachi and other Parts of Sindh.


There is a canteen where students and staff can get hot & cold drinks as well as snacks at rates approved by the Aligarh Institute of Technology.


    In order to provide exposure of industry to the students, following visits are being arranged:
  1. Industrial and Commercial Visits
  2. Information Visits


Each teacher is assigned 25-30 students to guide them in their study and future planning of their career.


    The following functions are arranged during academic year in which the students are encouraged to take active part:

  1. Independence Day (14th August)
  2. Sir Syed Day (17th October)
  3. Annual Function/Graduation Ceremony
  4. Project Competition, (Engineering & IT Fair)
  5. Book Fair
  6. Other functions like Mushaira and Variety of programs are also arranged from time to time.


Facilities are available for outdoor and indoor games like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Badminton, etc. Competitions such as Debate, Naat, Qirat, and Quiz, etc are also arranged for students.